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  • He believed some people were able to become superior individuals through the use of will power.
  • His head must always be lower than that of his superior.
  • He believed that learning through experience was superior to learning through the use of books.
  • It then turns out that he has become her social superior.
  • Eventually superior foreign species were selected and incorporated into the family's garden.
  • Lake Superior has the greatest effect on the area, especially the northern and western parts.
  • Named after Lake Superior, the idea has gained serious attention at times.
  • The common good of the world is of a category superior to the good of each state.
  • Now is it true that these were created superior to this wise animal, and designed to control it?
  • It was renowned for its university, one in which students could receive a superior education.
  • The city is noted for its superior land-use planning and investment in light rail.
  • He then has no choice but to go in to dinner with his three superiors.
  • Will she pilot the weapon towards her mission or will she turn on her superiors?
  • A valley was formed providing a basin that eventually became modern day Lake Superior.
  • Once again they received straight superiors and best in class Color guard.
  • Indian artillery could not hold off against superior Chinese forces.
  • She reminds her superior that they will be gone at the first sight of the morning sun.
  • Every finite tree structure has a member that has no superior.
  • Lake Superior is generally considered the largest freshwater lake in the world by surface area.
  • Finally the police chief in charge asked his superiors for information regarding under what law the operation could continue.
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Meaning of superior

  • noun One of greater rank or station or quality
  • noun The head of a religious community
  • noun A town in northwest wisconsin on lake superior across from duluth
  • adjective Of high or superior quality or performance
    superior wisdom derived from experience, superior math students
  • adjective Of or characteristic of high rank or importance
    a superior ruler
  • adjective Having an orbit farther from the sun than the earth's orbit
    Mars and Jupiter are the closest in of the superior planets