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  • Info Superhuman is a term that describes qualities or characteristics that exceed those found in humans.
  • She has also stated that she has a superhuman sense of direction.
  • She can see into the future and command certain superhuman powers.
  • He led an anti-superhuman campaign so that he could play with the world without interference.
  • The second phase of the process would allow for unique superhuman powers.
  • At several points, she makes references to having lived a quiet normal human life before becoming superhuman.
  • The Japanese troops were also still assigned almost superhuman powers by their opponents.
  • They will provide Castle with all the resources he will need if he will destroy every superhuman on earth.
  • He possesses physical strength that has been increased beyond his original limits to superhuman levels.
  • The Doctor was defeated when every active superhuman on Earth at the time joined forces to defeat him.
  • He is also an expert in the combat use of his superhuman powers.
  • The majority of the public is unaware of what may cause superhuman powers.
  • The Seeds had been given superhuman powers, and named after ancient Greek cities.
  • The story concerns four teenagers who obtain superhuman powers allowing them to control others.
  • Northstar also has peak human strength, but has superhuman strength in his legs.
  • The net result was that a victim would eventually lose control of his superhuman powers.
  • His sense of taste is also developed to superhuman levels.
  • He used several such bodies, including one which possessed superhuman strength, but was mute.
  • All their physical attributes are superhuman and they extremely long lived.
  • The Black Knight was originally a normal athletic human being with no superhuman powers.
  • His life force and superhuman powers were dependent on his contact with the Earth and its atmosphere.
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Meaning of superhuman

  • adjective Above or beyond the human or demanding more than human power or endurance
    superhuman beings, superhuman strength, soldiers driven mad by superhuman misery