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  • The following is a summary of the public health care system in the state.
  • The following is a summary of the public health system in the state.
  • The following list is not complete and only a summary of the most significant pieces.
  • They provided a summary of the estimated number of operations broken down by time period.
  • The work is thus a complete summary of the common law as it stood at the time.
  • He also provides summaries of his Mary Rose research in some of his other books.
  • A summary of such attempts may be found at the article above.
  • A summary of the three uses permitted in each zone district may be found below.
  • Later books featured a list of the books with no summaries.
  • The following table provides a summary of the Singapore national team under each coach.
  • The following is a summary of the education system in the state.
  • He continued to present his research and summaries of his work at various medical conventions.
  • Meanwhile online country situation summaries provide a pool of national drug-related data.
  • Summary-judgment practice in most states is similar to federal practice, though with minor differences.
  • All of them contain summaries in major languages, most of them in English.
  • The following is a summary of the council composition following each election.
  • The other six references have short summaries of each general's life and service.
  • S/he should ask if something was missed out in the summary of the session.
  • He worked for a legal publishing house, where he wrote summaries of court records for legal reference books.
  • The summary below contains more up-to-date information on how close countries are to meeting their first-round targets.
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Meaning of summary

  • noun A brief statement that presents the main points in a concise form
    he gave a summary of the conclusions