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  • Today, nearly all of the world's sulfuric acid is produced using this method.
  • In several places there is a need for both electric power and sulfuric acid.
  • It could then be sold to the sulfuric acid works for a small profit.
  • All of these materials involved the use of sulfuric acid as a raw material.
  • It was the first practical production of sulfuric acid on a large scale.
  • The lead chamber process was an industrial method used to produce sulfuric acid in large quantities.
  • The rising sulfuric steam covered the glass plate that he held over a flame.
  • Sulfuric acid is used for a variety of other purposes in the chemical industry.
  • He proposed a system of equivalents based on sulfuric acid equal to one hundred.
  • It is widely produced with different methods, such as contact process, wet sulfuric acid process and some other methods.
  • Even the production of sulfuric acid has been reported.
  • The last half of the sulfuric acid must be added gradually, in order to prevent too violent a reaction. Cited from Organic Syntheses, James Bryant Conant, Editor
  • Concerns were expressed that this could in turn give rise to sulfuric acid leading to concrete damage.
  • These plants also produce alkylate with better octane rating than do sulfuric plants.
  • The primary acid used is hydrochloric acid, although sulfuric acid was previously more common.
  • It is also known as fast white, milk white, sulfuric acid lead salt or anglesite.
  • The most common types of acid used in these attacks are sulfuric and nitric acid.
  • Selenites are also formed during this process, but they can be separated by adding sulfuric acid.
  • He threw sulfuric acid on the canvas and cut it twice with his knife.
  • This part of the atmosphere is probably within dense clouds which contain some sulfuric acid.
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