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  • This method may cause a greater loss by water damage and therefore may not be suitable.
  • The language is suitable for simple games, business programs and the like.
  • They are particularly suitable for elements of one word or less.
  • They can find suitable food in pine forests as well as native forest.
  • He could not find any suitable, so he had them specially made.
  • This type of device is also suitable for ship board use.
  • Suitable locations for construction also carried a social and political cost.
  • The post-war confusion was a suitable opportunity for the development of an independent nation.
  • It took more than half an hour to settle on a suitable landing-place. Cited from Off on a Comet, by Jules Verne
  • Further examination convinced them that they had really run upon a suitable landing place. Cited from Air Service Boys Over the Atlantic, by Charles Amory Beach
  • They are good all-around discs and are suitable for a first time player.
  • Maecenas asked what kind of house could possibly be suitable at all seasons.
  • He would therefore be able to choose a suitable landing-place and reach earth quite safely. Cited from The Mastery of the Air, by William J. Claxton
  • It is suggested that most characters do not need magic and that it is not suitable for new players.
  • The name was then adopted by the band, who had been searching for a suitable name.
  • All clubs entering the competition must also have a suitable stadium.
  • A suitable cover story was the need to deny use of the area to the enemy.
  • The band was unable to quickly find a suitable replacement for Young.
  • The council of state did not wish to include her because they did not consider her suitable as regent.
  • He created a variety of spring wheat suitable for the region.
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