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  • A bridge is built when a stream or river is sufficiently deep to make it necessary.
  • When one body is sufficiently larger than the other it may be taken to be at this focus.
  • It states that any sufficiently large configuration will contain some sort of order.
  • In the UK over half of patients are improved sufficiently to return home.
  • A third came sufficiently near to see their house, but did not try to send a boat on shore.
  • The languages are also sufficiently similar in writing that they can mostly be understood across borders.
  • Some birds remain on the Great Lakes if they are sufficiently ice-free.
  • As time passed it became clear that he would never regain his health sufficiently to return to full-time work.
  • A body buried in a sufficiently dry environment may be well preserved for decades.
  • However, some technologies cannot process or carry data fast enough for sufficiently high frame rates.
  • This would require expansion to the south and west to create new sufficiently long platforms.
  • They remain sufficiently close together that they cannot be resolved as individual stars through a telescope.
  • At that time, model theory was not sufficiently advanced to find the counter-examples.
  • Although incorporated, the town was never formally organized since it never gained a sufficiently large permanent population.
  • A few of these dances became sufficiently popular that they survived through the entire 19th century.
  • The use of alternative medicine has not been sufficiently studied to make recommendations.
  • If the garrison was sufficiently large, the units might be assembled into a field army.
  • But his powers were no longer what they had been, and he was never able to examine sufficiently into the matter.
  • New theories are sometimes developed after realizing certain terms have not previously been sufficiently clearly defined.
  • With a sufficiently long length and a sufficiently low flow rate this can result in almost all of the property transferred.
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Synonyms of sufficiently

Meaning of sufficiently

  • adverb To a sufficient degree
    she was sufficiently fluent in Mandarin