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  • As more of the population was recorded, there were sufficient records to follow a family.
  • Even though most villages still were self-sufficient, long distance trade was developing.
  • A feature is considered sufficient if something has all the parts required by the definition.
  • Hence the country is becoming less self-sufficient by the day.
  • It provides sufficient strength for use as a building material.
  • In some countries, wealth alone is sufficient to allow entry into the upper class.
  • Over time, the focus changed to helping people, especially families, become more self sufficient.
  • A reign of around ten years was regarded a sufficient service.
  • However in reality the provided information is not sufficient to come to such a conclusion.
  • Nothing can take place without a sufficient cause.
  • These are trained to serve out of fear until they obtain sufficient knowledge to serve out of love.
  • The country is not self-sufficient in most areas of agriculture.
  • They never got sufficient funding to finish development, and so never brought a product to market either.
  • To date, however, match points and points difference have been sufficient to decide the championship.
  • The garden city would be self-sufficient and when it reached full population, another garden city would be developed nearby.
  • That she should have had sufficient self-possession to say good morning amazed me. Cited from The Magic Egg and Other Stories, by Stockton
  • If the flow is sufficient, it will then cycle at least once.
  • None of these models can be or have been completely rejected, and yet none alone are sufficient.
  • However, he had trouble providing a sufficient income and was determined to attend college.
  • Turkey has been self-sufficient in food production since the 1980s.
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Meaning of sufficient

  • adjective Of a quantity that can fulfill a need or requirement but without being abundant
    sufficient food