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  • Info Suffering, or pain in a broad sense, may be described as an experience of unpleasantness and aversion associated with the perception of harm or threat of harm in an individual. more...
  • From now on until his death he was full of trouble and suffering.
  • Only when the living become attached to the non-living does suffering result.
  • She had been suffering from a cold for the last four months of her life.
  • When we see another person suffering, it can also cause us pain.
  • He suffered from ill health for much of his life.
  • He stated that some other members of the band may also suffer from the condition.
  • In either case his face very often shows his suffering.
  • He lost his job when his work performance started to suffer.
  • Some of those people would take pleasure in making them suffer.
  • Japan was suffering under a severe civil war at the time.
  • Despite suffering a stroke, he still came into the public light from time to time.
  • Racing to make his train, he suffered a heart attack on the platform of the train station.
  • Beyond suffering as a father, his view of the Empire's future changed completely.
  • Washington suffered from problems with his teeth throughout his life.
  • The regional economy suffered when they were unable to work.
  • At that time, France was suffering a low point in the war against the English.
  • Also he suffers from significant memory loss in the course of the story.
  • If a prince is given to changing his mind, his reputation will suffer.
  • He was known to suffer from heart problems in the past.
  • He just wants to die, to make all the suffering end.
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Root form of suffering is suffer for the verb.

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Meaning of suffering

  • noun Misery resulting from affliction
  • noun Feelings of mental or physical pain
  • verb Undergo or be subjected to
    He suffered the penalty, Many saints suffered martyrdom
  • verb Undergo (as of injuries and illnesses)
    She suffered a fracture in the accident, He had an insulin shock after eating three candy bars, She got a bruise on her leg, He got his arm broken in the scuffle
  • verb Experience (emotional) pain
    Every time her husband gets drunk, she suffers
  • verb Get worse
    His grades suffered
  • verb Feel pain or be in pain
  • verb Feel unwell or uncomfortable
    She is suffering from the hot weather
  • verb Be given to
    She suffers from a tendency to talk too much
  • verb Undergo or suffer
    meet a violent death, suffer a terrible fate
  • verb Be set at a disadvantage
    This author really suffers in translation