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  • Info James Green aka Sudden is a fictional character created by an English author Oliver Strange in the early 1930s as the hero of a series, originally published by George Newnes Books Ltd, set in the American Wild West era. more...
  • He served another two terms until his sudden death in office.
  • This led to a sudden increase in the number of students in voice acting schools.
  • When only three members are left, there is a sudden-death challenge.
  • "At your service!" comes a sudden voice from the corner of the room.
  • And all of a sudden they called our name.
  • This sudden end came about due to the loss of a key contract with military charter operations.
  • And then all of a sudden I saw him doing it [on TV].
  • This had been covered by a sudden eruption of water some years before.
  • With the sudden economic down turn of the mid-1970s funds from these sources largely stopped.
  • The next day he received a letter from his father detailing his wife's sudden death.
  • Then all of a sudden, he's not here.
  • Then all of a sudden our writer has been given an internationally acknowledged prize!
  • Sudden death rules apply if both teams have had their initial possession and the game remains tied.
  • He got a sudden case of religious sensitivity when it was his religion featured on the show.
  • He continued on stage and in films until shortly before his sudden death, at the age of eighty.
  • His sudden death came as a shock to the family.
  • This makes a sudden sound effect, bringing the piece to the attention of the opponent.
  • What makes flash floods most dangerous is their sudden nature and fast moving water.
  • Five minutes of four-on-four sudden-death overtime are played, with the first goal winning the game.
  • It may also be caused by a sudden hemorrhagic event within the brain.
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Meaning of sudden

  • adjective Happening without warning or in a short space of time
    a sudden storm, a sudden decision, a sudden cure