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  • It will be seen how they used successively each of these three means.
  • For small these higher-order terms in the series become successively smaller.
  • She competed in the European Championship three times doing successively better each time.
  • The invasion force was divided into three groups, which were to land successively.
  • He and his father between them had served the Crown successively for a hundred years all but one.
  • The player has to successively destroy all three enemies in a one-on-one fight.
  • The work is divided into two parts, originally in three volumes which were published successively.
  • Other lines are under construction and will be successively opened.
  • He created a new record of getting elected successively eight times from Mumbai.
  • Although the weapon was successively introduced to the units, it remained a top secret.
  • He was successively elected three more times to the United States Congress.
  • Over the next four hundred years the Castle was successively developed according to contemporary architectural ideas.
  • The series was given successively as the soldiers went through the settlement describing houses with numbers.
  • The resulting numbers are then successively added to the starting numbers.
  • He worked successively as head teacher and head of the physics group.
  • The power plant modernisation will successively be carried out to the end of its planned service life.
  • The mining site has been running since the 19th century for copper and gold successively.
  • The yard was moved twice after this, getting successively closer to the open ocean with each move.
  • He was succeeded in his titles successively by his oldest son Henry and his third son Thomas.
  • He served successively as captain, major, and lieutenant colonel of the regiment.
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Meaning of successively

  • adverb In proper order or sequence
    talked to each child in turn, the stable became in turn a chapel and then a movie theater