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  • Members may serve for not more than two successive terms in each office.
  • The other half was reduced with each successive attack until he got clear alone.
  • The mayor and council member cannot serve more than two successive terms.
  • Over the next three years, the design was gradually developed further and successive models introduced.
  • There is a story for each match, and even a longer story for successive matches.
  • The rules are typically changed between games, either at the beginning or with each successive game.
  • In longer-lived orders the founder may have a successive grand master.
  • The distance between two successive notes in a scale is called a scale step.
  • Elected officials serve four-year terms, with a limit of two successive four-year terms.
  • No player in history had ever managed to win three successive titles in the one-on-one tournament.
  • Thus successive leadership development is based not only on knowledge and history but also on a dream.
  • A class of students takes two editions of the same test on two successive days.
  • Reasons and Persons is a four-part work, with each successive section building on the last.
  • Each successive production requires a new film to be shot with the stage actors.
  • This may happen several times as the case works its way through successive appeals.
  • Since then, many other figures have featured on successive issues.
  • Each successive album has gone more in a quasi-world music direction.
  • Successive years of school are usually referred to as grade one, grade two, and so on.
  • He took ten in each of four successive matches, the second time he performed such a feat.
  • Most noted is the read cycle time, the time between successive read operations to an open row.
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