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  • Not all suburban growth has been well received in the town however.
  • There are also five other major railway stations and a number of smaller suburban stations.
  • Beyond this point to the west, much of the city takes on a suburban nature.
  • Those areas are known for their well kept homes, suburban feel, and low crime rate.
  • There are twenty-one urban lines and twenty-nine suburban lines.
  • This same network of roads would allow quick and easy access to suburban areas in future years.
  • This is mainly because the nearby suburban and rural areas are not much larger than the city itself.
  • Series about the role of the church in contemporary suburban life.
  • A metro-like suburban service is also provided on the southern part of the line.
  • The three towns had been small suburban villages which were directly adjacent to one another.
  • This was also the case in suburban areas surrounding the city.
  • The bus may then let him off at a terminal to a suburban train.
  • This development is constructed in contemporary suburban style and includes some multi-unit structures.
  • At the same time membership in environmental groups became more suburban and urban.
  • Major cities in Australia have suburban railway systems in their metropolitan areas.
  • There was also a limited suburban area outside the walls.
  • As a result, the once rural county began to become increasingly suburban.
  • Housing conditions also began to improve when the first council houses were built on new suburban estates.
  • From here, both light rail and suburban rail services connect to the city centre.
  • Sweet potatoes are also sold as street food in suburban and rural areas.
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Meaning of suburban

  • adjective Relating to or characteristic of or situated in suburbs
    suburban population