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  • People were asked to submit their best new economic idea to help working families.
  • He wrote and submitted the speech in advance and it was published after his death.
  • People who would like to use the path should submit letters saying why they need the path.
  • These officials had to submit to the king's command when war broke out.
  • I don't think my first novel would have been published today as I submitted it.
  • She returns to him one afternoon, where they submit to their desire for one another.
  • Because of that, they should submit everything they have against me.
  • In the first treaty, people submit themselves to the common public authority.
  • We are in this position today, I would submit, because we have no other choice.
  • In each campaign, players are invited to submit the results of games played within a certain time period.
  • A committee was appointed by the President to narrow down the names submitted by the student body.
  • Congress again took no action on the submitted design.
  • In the nine months that followed, fifteen different designs were created and submitted from several different countries.
  • Women submit to an overall lower social status than men.
  • She submits her work to writing magazines and has been published a number of times.
  • It simply submits to the God who has been with the soul all the time. Cited from Addresses, by Phillips Brooks
  • He who submits himself to Christ is lord of himself as none else are. Cited from Expositions of Holy Scripture: Various, Maclaren
  • He offered them goods to submit to him as well as threatening them.
  • I live, like you, in a century in which reason submits only to fact and to evidence. Cited from What is Property? by P. J. Proudhon
  • It was given three months to submit its report, but the report was never publicly released.
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Meaning of submit

  • verb Refer for judgment or consideration
    The lawyers submitted the material to the court
  • verb Put before
    I submit to you that the accused is guilty
  • verb Yield to the control of another
  • verb Yield to another's wish or opinion
    The government bowed to the military pressure