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  • Almost immediately she again started to submerge, and fire was at once opened. Cited from The Crisis of the Naval War, by John Rushworth Jellicoe
  • Subsequently the vast majority of this huge land area became submerged over time.
  • They stayed submerged during the day and went back to the surface at night.
  • The park has been known to become completely submerged during high flood waters.
  • On the first day, they find a young woman's body submerged near some rocks.
  • The territory lost a large amount of area which is now submerged.
  • Sea levels around the world would rise by more than, submerging coastal cities.
  • In less than two hours they were ready to submerge again. Cited from Tom Swift and the Electronic Hydrolung, by Victor Appleton
  • They can remain submerged for as long as half an hour.
  • Before the submarine can submerge, we shall be close enough to get her. Cited from The Boy Allies Under the Sea, by Robert L. Drake
  • The ship could submerge, and it could move about in the lake. Cited from Operation Terror, by William Fitzgerald Jenkins
  • The deck becomes submerged and this allows a ship to be moved into position inside.
  • He led the way below and gave the order to submerge. Cited from The Boy Allies Under the Sea, by Robert L. Drake
  • The bird may submerge for a second or so, but to no more than below the surface.
  • The life-long habit of truth is so strong in him that self-interest cannot submerge it. Cited from The Darrow Enigma, by Melvin L. Severy
  • This is a much larger pool into which the master may submerge entirely.
  • When she submerged the next day, however, the submarine began taking water.
  • The ship ended on its side half-submerged in shallow water from the shore.
  • As the sea level rose further still, most of the continental islands were submerged.
  • He was unable to free himself before the aircraft submerged.
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Meaning of submerge

  • verb Sink below the surface; go under or as if under water
  • verb Cover completely or make imperceptible
    I was drowned in work, The noise drowned out her speech
  • verb Put under water
    submerge your head completely