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  • As their subject they have a more direct and less stylized relationship.
  • He also has a specific set of stylized sound effects whenever his powers are used.
  • She has a large stylized flower turned over her head.
  • The outside world was thus presented with a picture of a united artistic and stylized front.
  • Over time the shapes of these letters became stylized, leading to their current versions.
  • This often demanded a highly stylized form of physical acting largely derived from the stage.
  • The film presented a stylized view of Glass's rise and fall.
  • It is formed by a green stylized sun on a white background.
  • In music videos however, the goal may instead be to establish a stylized look.
  • Guards on duty perform their movements in a very slow and highly stylized manner.
  • The self or the environment may take on a stylized cartoon-like look or feel.
  • The logo consisted of a white five-point star inside a stylized star of red, white and blue.
  • Here is also found the community's name in the three stylized silver churchtowers.
  • And his helmet design features the number stylized in the same way.
  • The stylized bird's appearance caused dispute between scholars who could not identify its species.
  • Then, a stylized bridge leading towards a screen is shown.
  • Later in the PBS production, she stylized the song in her own way.
  • They created the stylized letter as their company logo mark.
  • Flowers made of glass are typically more stylized and contemporary.
  • The four shapes around the central cross are a stylized form of letters, as explained above.
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Meaning of stylize

  • verb Represent according to a conventional style
    a stylized female head