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  • However, there was a clear stylistic relationship among the members of the two schools.
  • The practice has become less common, not for danger but for stylistic reasons.
  • Some groups have been prominent in changing the social face of theatre, rather than its stylistic appearance.
  • This may have helped him develop his awareness of stylistic change through time.
  • The building appears much as an ancient Greek temple, hence the stylistic name.
  • In addition to their formation, there are significant stylistic differences between these two forms of social dance.
  • What followed was a transition period of line-up and stylistic changes.
  • The album continued the band's stylistic shift toward a radio-friendly pop music sound.
  • They are important because they are "the key to understanding stylistic differences between groups."
  • There are also many stylistic differences between these two forms.
  • Brown has gone through several stylistic periods in his comics work.
  • Stylistic analysis has also produced evidence that at least some scenes were written by Shakespeare.
  • Although scoring is one of the main stylistic indicators, some pieces do without.
  • He kept his same stylistic lines, but added some Bop lines to it.
  • In other words, they show an overall literary polish together with some general stylistic consistency.
  • Each character is drawn as a representation of a real person but with its own stylistic characteristic.
  • The album was a stylistic change from their previous albums.
  • On stylistic grounds, it is generally recognized that the work was written in the 19th century.
  • The first houses built in the neighborhood were stylistic examples of late 19th-century domestic architecture.
  • However, other factors are involved, some of which are derived from the media form, and others stylistic.
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