Sturm und

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  • Although famous for his Sturm und Drang style plays, many of his earlier plays were very classical in style.
  • More and more, he became involved with the Sturm und Drang movement, which influenced both his writing and his music.
  • Young's name soon became a battle-cry for the young men of the Sturm und Drang movement.
  • This idea of feeling unable to change one's situation is typical of many Sturm und Drang plays.
  • He argued that that new German literary forms should follow closely on the Sturm und Drang movement.
  • The Sturm und Drang movement also paid a lot of attention to the language of a piece of literature.
  • The band's name is derived from the German literary movement Sturm und Drang.
  • Before he left Mannheim he had tried his hand at literature, under the influence of the Sturm und Drang movement.
  • Finally we come to Sturm und Drang, the work of an anonymous writer. Cited from Reviews, by Oscar Wilde
  • There is much debate regarding whose work should or should not be included in the canon of Sturm und Drang.
  • During his time at Moscow State University he wrote several tragedies in the Sturm und Drang style.
  • The Sturm und drang character, and the accompanying eighth note figures are similar.
  • Both of these works are seminal examples of Sturm und Drang in German literature.
  • The writing was also influenced by contemporary Sturm und Drang literature.
  • This can be seen as the beginning of the "Sturm und Drang" movement.
  • The Soldiers is most likely Lenz's most distinct example of Sturm und Drang literature.
  • Many Sturm und Drang plays showed interest in how society affects the individual, a common theme in many Enlightenment plays as well.
  • There was also the stout German who talks about "de sturm und der vafes." Cited from Punch, Vol. 100, Jan. 24, 1891, ed. by Sir Francis Burnand
  • Learning to Rock is the debut album by the Finnish band Sturm und Drang.
  • The Sturm und Drang movement was brief, but it set a fire that still burns intensely today.
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