struggled financially

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  • Throughout his life he moved many times and seems to have struggled financially.
  • However, the hotel began to struggle financially within just a few years.
  • The school continues to struggle financially because of the high cost associated with operating private education.
  • Times were not easy and the family struggled financially through his early years.
  • His early years in the capital were something of a struggle financially.
  • Although he continued to struggle financially, he earned a reputation as a local leader in education.
  • Here we find the story of a middle-class family struggling financially.
  • Over the next twenty years, the college continued to struggle financially.
  • His family, once rich, is now struggling financially after going through a drawn-out legal issue.
  • Yet despite awards and growing popularity with art critics, she continued to struggle financially.
  • The remaining family soon lost their comfortable middle-class status and struggled financially.
  • As a result, the station has struggled financially for most of its history.
  • The family struggled financially, although his mother taught piano to make ends meet.
  • Why, then, did the furnace struggle financially during its initial period of operation?
  • There was not enough business to support the three companies, and they were all struggling financially.
  • The institution sometimes struggled financially finding little support from the city council.
  • He was born into a humble family and struggled financially after the death of his father.
  • Since they were young, their family struggled financially and they worked together making newspaper deliveries.
  • Despite this increase in popularity, women's professional sports leagues continue to struggle financially.
  • The school struggled financially thereafter and ten years later the school was handed over to the government.
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