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  • At the other end, the case is taken away but the strongbox is empty.
  • They force them to get out of the car, open the back of it and take out the strongbox with the money.
  • Many ill-equipped attempts have been made to recover the strongbox, but all have failed.
  • Real volunteers to put his check in the strongbox for his poor performance at the challenge.
  • The next day, Kate comes to the house and finds the strongbox where Scott kept his money.
  • But on that note, there were some funny parts, mainly to do with the key or the strongbox.
  • Found among the priest's possessions, however, was his strongbox.
  • They robbed all of the passengers of their valuables since the stage was not carrying a strongbox.
  • Absence of an armed person in that position often signaled that the stage was not carrying a strongbox, but only passengers.
  • On a table in the corner lay a parchment with a map that showed the location of the strongbox. Cited from Santo Domingo, by Otto Schoenrich
  • The weapon both these men used was the short-barreled version favored by private strongbox guards on stages and trains.
  • George asks what's in the cooler (strongbox) as he easily opens it up.
  • That she should see such a man enter her family, steal Micheline's love from her, and rummage her strongbox! Cited from Serge Panine, by Georges Ohnet, v1
  • They found the sunken wreck, and its strongbox, but were unable to remove it.
  • Madison reportedly carried with him a strongbox, which contained the entire U.S. treasury.
  • The gold is placed in the strongbox, but has vanished when the stagecoach arrives at its destination.
  • Passenger carriages carrying a strongbox usually had at least one private guard armed with a shotgun riding in front of the coach, next to the driver.
  • Henry Brown was an African-American inventor, credited with the invention of the first strongbox.
  • She sends the strongbox, as well as her love, to Archer.
  • As soon as he had properly studied the ground, the others were to go over in force from Paris - picklocks and all - and away with my uncle's strongbox! Cited from Familiar Studies of Men & Books, by Stevenson
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Meaning of strongbox

  • noun A strongly made box for holding money or valuables; can be locked