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  • After a number of successful plant tests the more stringent state tests began.
  • The city has been noted in the past for having very stringent traffic law enforcement.
  • These requirements are similar to and sometimes more stringent than existing law.
  • In addition, the policy is much more stringent with Chinese-language sites than foreign-language ones.
  • In addition to California, four other states adopted the more stringent California standards.
  • This standard made restrictions for electronic records more stringent than those for paper records.
  • But the terms offered were so stringent that they were rejected and the war went on.
  • The system made provision for the stringent control of all local authorities by the central government.
  • Major electoral candidates will never mind how stringent the election commission is.
  • This stringent standard made it much more difficult for public officials to win libel cases.
  • Where air-free requirements are not stringent, other techniques can be used.
  • The latter device can then be designed and used in less stringent environments.
  • The incident led to more stringent gun control laws in Canada.
  • Injuries are quite rare due to the stringent attention paid to safety.
  • The plant does however have the most stringent air permit for any coal fired power plant in the nation currently.
  • However, this database design does not meet the more stringent requirements of second normal form.
  • Several states have adopted more stringent requirements of their own.
  • For one thing disclosure rules in his days were much less stringent.
  • More stringent and specific training and greater experience is required to compensate for the higher risk involved.
  • This would subject him to stringent reporting requirements if he is released.
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