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  • Stretched before him as far as the eye could see were more mountains.
  • The species has only been found within a ten km stretch of the creek.
  • There is no known limit to how far he can stretch his body.
  • It has an area of some, stretching north-south and no more than wide.
  • It still had long stretches of open country running on private right-of-way.
  • It has stretched its front legs out in front of its face.
  • This would mark the beginning of a three-year stretch of commercial success for the band.
  • It has a long history stretching for more than three thousand years.
  • Both state routes share a short stretch of road near the town center.
  • The town has a light display that runs along a one half mile stretch.
  • The town has a light display that runs along a one half mile stretch.
  • The town constructed a broad road for its main street on a stretch of level land.
  • There are no longer any trains running on this stretch of the line.
  • The stretch of river is also used for other water sports.
  • This lake stretched north to south and was at least deep.
  • They once again began to stretch themselves, creating music for a range of characters and events.
  • It is as though I had before me nothing more than a long stretch of living death.
  • The area he covered was very large, stretching across England from coast to coast.
  • Many dead bodies have also been found this stretch of road.
  • At the time of its formation, the town stretched across the entire south part of the county.
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Meaning of stretch

  • noun A large and unbroken expanse or distance
    a stretch of highway, a stretch of clear water
  • noun A straightaway section of a racetrack
  • noun Exercise designed to extend the limbs and muscles to their full extent
  • noun Extension to or beyond the ordinary limit
    running at full stretch, by no stretch of the imagination, beyond any stretch of his understanding
  • noun An unbroken period of time during which you do something
    there were stretches of boredom, he did a stretch in the federal penitentiary
  • noun The capacity for being stretched
  • verb Occupy a large, elongated area
    The park stretched beneath the train line
  • verb Extend one's limbs or muscles, or the entire body
    Stretch your legs!, Extend your right arm above your head
  • verb Become longer by being stretched and pulled
    The fabric stretches
  • verb Lie down comfortably
    To enjoy the picnic, we stretched out on the grass
  • verb Pull in opposite directions
    During the Inquisition, the torturers would stretch their victims on a rack
  • verb Extend the scope or meaning of; often unduly
    Stretch the limits, stretch my patience, stretch the imagination
  • verb Extend one's body or limbs
    Let's stretch for a minute--we've been sitting here for over 3 hours