Street bailout

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  • Bachmann opposed both versions of the Wall Street bailout bill for America's financial sector.
  • The ad contrasted the positions between the two candidates on the Wall Street bailout, national health care debate and terrorist trials.
  • King voted for the 2008 Wall Street bailout, saying it was "necessary for the financial health of New York and his district."
  • Attention was paid to public anger over the Wall Street bailout signed into law by President George W. Bush in late 2008.
  • He changed his vote from "nay" to "yea" on the bill of the Wall Street bailout, but later has said he regrets that vote.
  • During an October 1, 2008 broadcast interview on the impending passage of the "Wall Street bailout" despite widespread public opposition.
  • RightChange also attacked Democratic candidate Barack Obama, claiming that his "economic proposals stick small businesses with the Bill for the Wall Street Bailout."
  • Their economic platform is opposed to the 2008 Wall Street bailout plan, but rather favors a free-market approach and largely blames former U.S. presidents Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton for the mortgage meltdown and subsequent global financial crisis.
  • He chose to endorse the initial $350 billion (2008) of Wall Street bailout money, and opposed releasing additional $350 billion (2009) of it.
  • In an interview with GQ ahead of the Michigan primary in February 2012, McCotter expressed concern that Republicans were underestimating the strength of Democrats, and that winning in the Midwest would be difficult because of the Republicans' position on manufacturing and the Wall Street bailout.