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  • There is evidence of a true stratigraphic transition between these two groups in some areas.
  • Four stratigraphic levels were identified and a straight stone wall was discovered.
  • By using stratigraphic principles, rock units' ages can usually only be determined relative to each other.
  • The stratigraphic sequence suggests that the original chapel was standing while the new structure was built.
  • Its top is defined as the first appearance of trilobites in the stratigraphic record around million years ago.
  • These groups appear to have formed simultaneously, as no specific stratigraphic sequence is evident.
  • A fine stratigraphic division of the terrestrial record can in most places only be made using fossils of land species.
  • This list include stratigraphic units that have produced dinosaur remains, although none of these remains have been referred to a specific genus.
  • Because the international stratigraphic subdivision is not yet complete, many local subdivisions are still widely used.
  • Throughout the fossil record, many species that appear at an early stratigraphic level disappear at a later level.
  • Additional discoveries have been made in a wide range of structural, stratigraphic and combined play types.
  • This preservation problem among others further make the task of establishing stratigraphic sequences a little bit difficult.
  • Efforts were then made to find the best representation of that assemblage in a stratigraphic section.
  • A particular stratigraphic or structural geologic setting is also often known as a play.
  • Numerous other changes can be observed in stratigraphic sections containing the PETM.
  • The sedimentary sequence is over thick and is represented by the stratigraphic units listed below.
  • Especially important is the possibility of a stratigraphic column through all of Kassite times.
  • Due to their long stratigraphic range, many fossil species (namely their cysts) have been described.
  • Stratigraphic principles may be useful to determine the relative age of volcanic rocks.
  • Donnybrook stone is used as dimension stone in the building industry and is both a commercial name as well as a stratigraphic name.
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