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  • The small fleet continued for six more days in fine weather, followed by four stormy days.
  • Despite their sometimes stormy relationship, they took great pride in the results of their work together.
  • A stormy relationship developed, and over the years they married on three separate occasions.
  • Stormy Weather was one of the first films that featured an all-star black cast.
  • After eight years of production, the film's initial release was stormy.
  • The couple were quickly engaged, but the relationship was stormy and was several times broken off.
  • They face many stormy situations but their love for each other carries them through.
  • Stormy weather can cause the sea level by the coast to rise by up to two metres.
  • While he is on the phone, everything outside begins to get dark and stormy.
  • "Dark and Stormy" has been since released as a non-album single.
  • For many years, he had a stormy relationship with the state Labor Party.
  • His marriage was stormy, at least in its later years.
  • She finds Stormy and gets to the town square where the race is about to begin.
  • This has provided some shelter from stormy weather, which might occur in winter.
  • But the stormiest months of her life were about to pass among those dumb mountains! Cited from What's Mine's Mine V3, by George MacDonald
  • It was one of the most stormiest meetings ever held by the members. Cited from The Crucifixion of Philip Strong, by Charles M. Sheldon
  • The group failed in two attempts on the south face due to stormy conditions, poor route conditions and falling ice.
  • He supposedly is seen once a year, during stormy weather when darkness has fallen.
  • As President he led the people in one of the stormiest periods in our history. Cited from A Short History of the United States, by Edward Channing
  • Often the side boughs become too heavy and are broken in stormy weather.
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Meaning of stormy

  • adjective (especially of weather) affected or characterized by storms or commotion
    a stormy day, wide and stormy seas