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  • It also makes the animal sticky to the touch, hence its common name.
  • He rolled over, but still his head was inside the earth and the earth was sticky.
  • This red oil, particularly when aged, forms a more sticky heavy oil that is difficult to separate.
  • They frequently got themselves into sticky situations and got themselves out of them with very little to no adult help.
  • Trapping systems such as sticky paper may also be used to control fly numbers.
  • The sticky bomb could do the job and little else was available.
  • This makes for a sticky union between psychology and the legal system.
  • These clays also become extremely sticky and difficult to work with when they are wet.
  • Red colored sticky soil is also found in these areas.
  • He worked on hollow charge weapons, the sticky bomb and other new weapons.
  • These are extracted from dead wood or between rocks, using its long, sticky tongue.
  • He was often extremely difficult on sticky wickets but very rarely effective on good ones.
  • They can help the player get through sticky situations.
  • Horses died like so many flies on sticky fly-paper.
  • Soap does not lather well with hard water and can leave a sticky feeling.
  • A sticky thread will always appear in front of normal threads, often in its own section.
  • A normal good is always ordinary, while an ordinary good can be normal, inferior or sticky.
  • Good form lasted until October when the team hit a sticky patch which lasted until February.
  • The following day, the pitch had turned into a sticky wicket following a heavy tropical storm.
  • The two rival with the school dealers and end up in a sticky situation.
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