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  • She was primarily raised by her mother, a very stern woman.
  • She also appeared on Stern's television and radio shows as a featured guest.
  • The stern began to rise and then shot to the surface.
  • The child had been in his Stern's care at the time.
  • On modern cargo ships, they are almost always located near the ship's stern.
  • He looked very stern as I walked into his office.
  • When last seen, the ship was down by the stern.
  • Like Stern's radio show, it received a great deal of opposition due to its content.
  • French, who had lost several friends during the war, believed that stern measures would help end matters more quickly.
  • Stern's hands can be seen in the close-up shots from the movie.
  • Stern's venture into literature drew much of the same criticism as his radio show.
  • She did it from a sense of duty, but she was a stern woman who expected respect, rather than love.
  • Stern's book on the championships does not mention that there were other teams in the event!
  • The new contract allowed Stern to work a reduced schedule from four to three-day working weeks.
  • A fourth hit the target, which was thought to take a port list and settled by the stern.
  • One was hit in the stern and sank in approximately nine minutes.
  • Stern wished to pursue a radio career at the age of five.
  • Three hours later, as she began to sink stern-first, she had to be abandoned.
  • They will then move their blade in a semi circle around their boat finishing at their stern.
  • Stern released both events for home video which sold tens of thousands.
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Meaning of stern

  • noun The rear part of a ship
  • noun United states concert violinist (born in russia in 1920)