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  • A girl car or girl's car refers to a model stereotypically associated with women.
  • Some countries, such as Japan, continue to present the family stereotypically, especially in their television advertisements.
  • Gay speech has stereotypically been thought of as resembling women's speech.
  • He is a ladies' man as some would say, and is also a stereotypically strong African American man.
  • These women have broken from society's stereotypically defined roles and find freedom with the biker world.
  • They also use stereotypically male elements of speech, such as vulgarity.
  • It is written in a voice that is stereotypically black.
  • A nursing father may take on the roles which have been traditionally or stereotypically assigned to women.
  • Stereotypically chosen, the evil army is represented by the black colour and the good is symbolized by white.
  • The streets of the district are very stereotypically European, with narrow roads and cars usually parked on each side.
  • Women are stereotypically communal and lower status than men.
  • Infantilists, usually male, may also engage in cross-dressing and wear clothes stereotypically associated with young girls.
  • Men are also often portrayed stereotypically in games.
  • He then struts off in a stereotypically camp manner.
  • They also may make it a point to correct fanon, which they stereotypically detest.
  • He is a stereotypically gay man and has an effeminate voice.
  • The character has been described as the opposite of Muslim characters on American television, in which they are at times stereotypically portrayed.
  • The fort itself is in the stockade style stereotypically found in most American westerns.
  • For many years now there have been attempts to use the steelpan in various contexts other than those with which it is stereotypically associated.
  • The society lacks stereotypically "male" problems such as war and crime, but only recently resumed space exploration.
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Meaning of stereotypically

  • adverb In a stereotypical manner