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  • Stereoscopic motion pictures can be produced through a variety of different methods.
  • This is the only reference to any release of the stereoscopic version of the film.
  • It is that stereoscopic memory of which I told you once before. Cited from How To Do It, by Edward Everett Hale
  • Some will have none but glass stereoscopic pictures; paper ones are not good enough for them. Cited from The Atlantic Monthly, Vol. 3, No. 20, June, 1859, by Various
  • Several people can view the stereoscopic images at the same time.
  • It has also been used to create stereoscopic images from single images.
  • Many of his stereoscopic photos were published widely, and can still be found today.
  • Stop motion has very rarely been shot in stereoscopic 3D throughout film history.
  • In this he makes clear that this early stereoscopic work was a joint enterprise between the two men.
  • The film is also notable for the first use of stereoscopic computer animation.
  • The front features the group's name centered between four stereoscopic printed television sets.
  • Stereoscopic vision gives two images of the same scene, from different positions.
  • They quickly became the world's most extensive manufacturer of stereoscopic views.
  • The position of their eyes indicates that they were developing more effective stereoscopic vision as well.
  • Additional value has been added to the cards by adding stereoscopic effect to certain designated cards.
  • She also lowered her deep-sea camera equipment to take stereoscopic images of the ocean floor.
  • The eyes of the animal could have had stereoscopic vision, which would help it find small prey.
  • He also produced stereoscopic pictures whose main characteristic was that exposures were very short.
  • Since no head tracking is involved, the entire audience can view the stereoscopic images at the same time.
  • The expedition was notable since it was the first time that a stereoscopic camera had been used to record its progress.
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Meaning of stereoscopic

  • adjective Of or relating to a stereoscope
    stereoscopic lenses
  • adjective Of or relating to stereoscopy
    stereoscopic vision