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  • This was the first time any of these songs had seen a stereo release.
  • In addition, the opening theme music has been re-recorded in digital stereo.
  • They offer no extra features other than the original episodes in their original stereo format.
  • The demand for one type of stereo may be much larger than demand for another.
  • Each of its eight songs consists of four stereo tracks, one from each CD.
  • It held no true stereo mix at the time of its release.
  • The technology can be used to show stereo films, images or games.
  • For example, say that one needs to make a stereo system.
  • Never intended for release this mix was soon lost and for later stereo issues a new one was made.
  • While in middle school, when his dad bought him his first stereo.
  • The series was also notable for its use of sound, being the first comedy series to be produced in stereo.
  • So the stereo window is often adjusted to place objects cut off by window behind the window.
  • Each channel's sound can be placed freely in the stereo image.
  • Stereo finally lost its previous experimental status, and eventually became standard internationally.
  • The technique involved recording on each of the two channels of each stereo track.
  • Several versions of the opera in stereo have also been made.
  • This new concept with additional tracks permitted instruments to be heard more easily from any position within the stereo field.
  • There is also full speech and sound effects in stereo.
  • It was also the label's first stereo cast album.
  • There are many cinemas including two with high class stereo systems, and clubs.
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Meaning of stereo

  • noun Reproducer in which two microphones feed two or more loudspeakers to give a three-dimensional effect to the sound
  • noun Two photographs taken from slightly different angles that appear three-dimensional when viewed together