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  • A year later they were back, this time for a two-year stay.
  • The young will stay with the mother until just before the next young are born.
  • The grand prize was a free two-week stay at the new camp.
  • I have thought about it all and decided to stay here.
  • She taught physical education and health classes during her two year stay at the school.
  • During his stay the city was typically in a constant state of construction.
  • Union troops returned just six weeks later and stayed through the end of the war.
  • Although he worked hard at his job, he would stay out all night at parties.
  • Growing up, she did not have many friends and stayed home a lot.
  • A train passed over the tracks the next day, and they stayed there.
  • So you stay at home, and what do you do?
  • Thus it was necessary for the hat to stay in place much of the time.
  • If no resistance was met, the residents could stay put, under military rule.
  • He has always been the best and he stayed the best.
  • He returned to the East for a nearly two-year stay.
  • I am forced to stay in-doors and in my big chair nearly all the time. Cited from Complete Prose Works, by Walt Whitman
  • Most did not stay in the area for long, as they failed to find significant resources.
  • Upon returning, he asked the manager to stay since he wanted to explain something.
  • He took up post in November and stayed there for an academic year.
  • After seeing the poverty of his people, he decided to stay to help.
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Meaning of stay

  • noun Continuing or remaining in a place or state
    they had a nice stay in Paris, a lengthy hospital stay, a four-month stay in bankruptcy court
  • noun A judicial order forbidding some action until an event occurs or the order is lifted
    the Supreme Court has the power to stay an injunction pending an appeal to the whole Court
  • noun A thin strip of metal or bone that is used to stiffen a garment (e.g. a corset)
  • noun (nautical) brace consisting of a heavy rope or wire cable used as a support for a mast or spar
  • verb Stay the same; remain in a certain state
    The dress remained wet after repeated attempts to dry it, rest assured, stay alone, He remained unmoved by her tears, The bad weather continued for another week
  • verb Stay put (in a certain place); we are not moving to cincinnati"
    We are staying in Detroit, Stay put in the corner here!, Stick around and you will learn something!
  • verb Continue in a place, position, or situation
    After graduation, she stayed on in Cambridge as a student adviser, Stay with me, please, despite student protests, he remained Dean for another year, She continued as deputy mayor for another year
  • verb Remain behind
    I had to stay at home and watch the children
  • verb Stop or halt
    Please stay the bloodshed!
  • verb Stop a judicial process
    The judge stayed the execution order
  • verb Fasten with stays