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  • They showed a statistically significant association in a large case-control study.
  • These data are then statistically compared to data already available for the known sources.
  • The differences however are quite small and none of them are close to statistically significant.
  • However, such higher rates have been found to be statistically significant only in certain circumstances.
  • The survey results also often provide strong information even when there is not a statistically significant difference.
  • They found they could not measure content, format, or organization statistically, though many would later try.
  • A large cold spot and other features of the data are more statistically significant, and research continues into these.
  • The title went on to become, statistically, one of the most popular and successful video games of all time.
  • However, those results showed little difference and were not statistically significant.
  • The most accepted results are all small to moderate statistically significant results.
  • Not all studies show a statistically significant increase in red blood cells from altitude training.
  • Statistically, he also had the best year of his career.
  • However his results were not considered statistically significant enough and it would be several years before they were proven.
  • Thus the individual components that make up the natural image are rendered statistically independent.
  • But there was no statistically significant difference between the types of vehicles when they were driving straight.
  • The project did not operate for a long enough time to show statistically any change from natural variations.
  • Statistically it is slightly more common for the left breast to be the larger.
  • The lady correctly identified every cup, which would be considered a statistically significant result.
  • These players were statistically represented with their best seasons.
  • Even somewhat paradoxical results are announced from the same data - statistically significant and not significant.
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Meaning of statistically

  • adverb With respect to statistics
    this is statistically impossible