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  • Power on from sleep/off takes longer than power up from standby.
  • Being in the state of being ready to run is known as hot standby.
  • The aircraft also consisted of a five man crew with four relief crew members on standby.
  • Such a condition results in the standby being behind the primary.
  • However he was placed on standby for the Championships and could be called up at any time.
  • The town also served as a standby base for the Canadian Military during the war years.
  • They may serve on guard duty or as members of a standby quick reaction force.
  • The governor declared a state of emergency with troops placed on standby to help the civil police.
  • Its purpose is and has always been for emergency and standby needs.
  • She was then placed as a standby vessel, ready in case one of the two sisters broke down.
  • Three units are held in standby, available on eight hours notice.
  • They would be rung back and would be on standby when the show would start.
  • The system can be placed in either active or standby mode.
  • However, they are on standby and the flight is already full.
  • It has several engines on standby for the city and beyond however it is rarely used.
  • They remained in service when these branch lines were opened to traffic, even though it was usually only in a standby capacity.
  • Some monitors will also switch themselves off after a time period on standby.
  • A good third of the men are our old standbys; men who were in the shops under my father. Cited from The Price, by Francis Lynde
  • It is currently the only one still on standby status.
  • This consumes a small amount of standby power, much less than normal operating power.
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Meaning of standby

  • noun Something that can be relied on when needed