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  • Few resources are published about the language, and it has no standardizing body.
  • There is a movement in the industry today to standardize certain non-address data.
  • In doing so, they tend to standardize the language that they hear around them.
  • The new scale takes into account quality of construction and standardizes different kinds of structures.
  • The program's main thrust was to standardize national park facilities across the country.
  • What we need, they say, is to standardize our schools, and bring all Canadian children under one system. Cited from Catholic Problems in Western Canada, by George Thomas Daly
  • Recently, China has introduced new legislation in order to standardize its organ collection process.
  • During the 20th century, more people moved into towns and cities, standardizing the English language.
  • He began by standardizing recording techniques among eight major film studios.
  • Standardizing classes of commercial licensing were adopted by all states under federal acts.
  • It is dying out as media and schools continue to standardize the Italian language throughout the nation.
  • Recently there has been an attempt to standardize the date.
  • It also pays great attention to the education quality and standardizes the educational management work.
  • Our goal is to co-ordinate and standardize these, together with future projects.
  • Some also standardize the opening books, in an attempt to measure the strength differences of the engines only.
  • The Rules were an attempt to standardize the rules throughout the country.
  • The evidence-based approach was first conceived as a means to standardize the practice of medicine.
  • Besides providing an opportunity for the growing number of writers, it had a major effect on standardizing the language.
  • Standardizing the nature of health care institutions in this manner proved rather provocative.
  • There is no other effort known to be proposed for standardizing this interaction.
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Meaning of standardize

  • verb Cause to conform to standard or norm
    The weights and measures were standardized
  • verb Evaluate by comparing with a standard