stand erect

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  • The little man stood erect again and his eyes were now on fire. Cited from Gunman's Reckoning, by Max Brand
  • As though he had seen enough, he closed it quickly and stood erect. Cited from Joseph II. and His Court, by L. Muhlbach
  • As he stood erect again, he saw he was not alone in the room. Cited from Mount Music, by E. Oe. Somerville and Martin Ross
  • The old man stood erect by the side of the young man. Cited from Darrel of the Blessed Isles, by Irving Bacheller
  • And, living upon air alone, he stood erect upon one leg for six months. Cited from The Mahabharata of Krishna-Dwaipayana Vyasa, Volume 1
  • No man in all the line of blue could stand erect and live an instant. Cited from The Southerner, by Thomas Dixon
  • Ask the subject to stand erect with feet together and eyes closed.
  • When the third boy also stood erect it was plain to see how he came by his name. Cited from In Camp on the Big Sunflower,by Lawrence J. Leslie
  • But that he stood erect I should have thought him dead, so still was he. Cited from Friday, the Thirteenth, by Thomas W. Lawson
  • They were generally about ten feet square, but a man could only stand erect in the middle. Cited from History of Kershaw's Brigade, by D. Augustus Dickert
  • While all these thoughts pursued one another through her mind she stood erect just inside the door. Cited from Told in a French Garden, by Mildred Aldrich
  • She stood erect before him, very pale but firm as a rock. Cited from Birds of Prey, by M.E. Braddon
  • They raised him up, and he stood erect between the leaders. Cited from The Voice of the People, by Ellen Glasgow
  • I knew then that in the depth of my mind nothing was left that stood erect. Cited from Varieties of Religious Experience, by Wm. James
  • I rose as he entered and stood erect before him. Cited from The Monctons: A Novel, Volume I, by Susanna Moodie
  • The roof was just high enough for a man to stand erect. Cited from The Every-day Life of Abraham Lincoln, by Francis Fisher Browne
  • He turned slowly and walked into his own room, where he stood erect before his desk. Cited from Youth Challenges, by Clarence B Kelland
  • And once more a voice spoke within him, and he stood erect, and raised his arms on high. Cited from Stories by Foreign Authors: German (V.2), Various
  • He turned instantly, came slowly back, and stood erect and silent before her. Cited from Malcolm, by George MacDonald
  • Rise, for I will speak to the man who must stand erect in the storm. Cited from Old Fritz and the New Era, by Muhlbach
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