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  • Stainthorpe has announced that a music video for the title track is being produced.
  • The idea of using violin again has been described by Stainthorpe as adding "a deep range of feeling".
  • Along with Aaron Stainthorpe, he is the only original member of the band still in the lineup.
  • Singer Aaron Stainthorpe has stated many times that this is his favorite MDB album.
  • The song was thus named as Stainthorpe was at the time a big fan of the British band Portishead.
  • Despite the morose nature of his lyrics, Stainthorpe insists they do not give a full overview of his personality.
  • Following Robertshaw's departure, only Craighan and Stainthorpe remained as founding members of the band.
  • The artwork for the release was designed and created by Aaron Stainthorpe.
  • Stainthorpe has said in many interviews that "Two Winters Only" is his favourite My Dying Bride song.
  • Questions are asked in Cantonese and reversed, and singer Aaron Stainthorpe's replies can be heard.
  • Though far from straightforward, Aaron Stainthorpe's lyrics were much less complex than those employed on As the Flower Withers.
  • Singer Aaron Stainthorpe has often cited that either this or "Like Gods of the Sun" is his favourite MDB album.
  • Vocalist Aaron Stainthorpe described the album as being similar to the band's previous effort, For Lies I Sire, but said that the music had evolved.
  • Stainthorpe has made other guest appearances on Dominion's Interface and Disincarnate's Dreams of the Carrion Kind.
  • This is the only full-length My Dying Bride album on which lead vocalist Aaron Stainthorpe utilizes his trademark death growl as the sole vocal style.
  • Aaron Stainthorpe dispensed with his death metal vocals entirely, and Martin Powell's violin and keyboard playing now seemed to be the basis around which the rest of the arrangement was built.
  • Like Gods of the Sun continued in the direction of The Angel and the Dark River, in that it did not contain any growling vocals by Aaron Stainthorpe.
  • Martin Powell's violin playing had become fully integrated into the band's sound, whilst vocalist Aaron Stainthorpe mixed death metal growls and grunts with the spoken word and an often plaintive singing voice.
  • Aaron Stainthorpe, the singer of My Dying Bride, owns his own copy of the movie; it was given to him by the director of the film when it was discovered by Stainthorpe from information on the internet.
  • In December 2005, it was announced that Stainthorpe would lend his voice and some lyrics to a song with Sarah Jezebel Deva's new band Angtoria.
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