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  • Info Stainsby is a small village in Derbyshire, England. more...
  • It was understood that in the Stainsby Road we might meet again. Cited from Paul Kelver by Jerome K. Jerome
  • A new, futuristic-looking house was then built, also called Stainsby House.
  • The committee were approached by Bill Stainsby who had a small engineering business at South Bank.
  • In the hall's estate is Stainsby Mill, a fully working 19th century water mill.
  • The combined flow has powered Stainsby water mill since the thirteenth century.
  • We parted at the corner of the Stainsby Road, and I let her kiss me once. Cited from Paul Kelver by Jerome K. Jerome
  • Stainsby is host to the Stainsby Festival, a folk festival which takes place in the summer.
  • A large interlining Stainsby has 36 cells per line and 18 lines per page.
  • Stainsby Festival is a small, annual folk music event held in the Derbyshire village of Stainsby, England.
  • Alexander was probably a native of Stainsby, Lincolnshire and had two brothers, William and Gilbert, who held land there.
  • Stainsby spent two seasons at Collingwood, after arriving at the club from New South Wales club Coolamon.
  • They have also played at many other folk festivals, including Cambridge, Towersey, Sidmouth and Stainsby.
  • The manor of Stainsby was owned by the Savage family, whose members played prolific roles in the Kings' armies and in society.
  • The winner in 2010 was the Pirate Ship created by the Stainsby Avenue residents.
  • For laminar flow Chilton and Stainsby provide the following equation to calculate the pressure drop.
  • Brown trout were present around Stainsby, and there were small numbers of coarse fish, which had originated in the lakes at Hardwick Hall.
  • Stainsby, in North Yorkshire, England, is an abandoned village near Acklam, a suburb of Middlesbrough.
  • In the west of Acklam is the abandoned medieval settlement of Stainsby, deserted by 1757.
  • To the South-East of the village, almost in Smalley but still within Horsley Woodhouse parish, was Stainsby House.
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