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  • Info Stainmore is a remote geographic area in the Pennines on the border of Cumbria, County Durham and North Yorkshire. more...
  • The Stainmore Railway Company was subsequently formed to restore the site.
  • The line opened in 1861 and became known as the Stainmore Line.
  • It flows west with South Stainmore to north and Kaber parish to the south.
  • Rey Cross is the remains of a stone cross at Stainmore.
  • Gunhildr and her children were returning after Erik's death at Stainmore.
  • He was a generous benefactor to Brough-under-Stainmore, both in life and in his will.
  • In the year 2000, another company, Stainmore Railway Company was formed to help with the restoration of the site.
  • A short section of the line at Kirkby Stephen East station has been restored by the Stainmore Railway Company.
  • But the next story bears a closer resemblance to the Stainmore narrative. Cited from The Haunters & The Haunted, ed. by Ernest Rhys
  • The Group is subdivided into a lower/older Alston Formation and a higher/younger Stainmore Formation.
  • Each of these lines of communication has made use of the relatively low broad saddle between the higher hills to north and south which is commonly referred to as the Stainmore Gap.
  • This pass is commonly referred to by geographers as the Stainmore Gap.
  • No bones were found at the site, although it remains possible that Eric's burial might be elsewhere on the Stainmore moors.
  • This mountain is situate near the end of a ridge of mountains, leading from Stainmore or Stonemore, about sixteen miles in length. Cited from The Mirror of Literature, Amusement, and Instruction, Vol. 10, No. 277
  • Somewhat in line with the former version, earlier generations of scholars have envisaged the occasion of Eric's death on Stainmore to have been a last stand in battle.
  • There are several RIGS sites in the Stainmore area.
  • Work is in progress to restore parts of these defunct lines by the Stainmore Railway Company and Eden Valley Railway Societies respectively.
  • Later all were concentrated at either Kirkby Stephen or West Auckland to work over the Stainmore route whose viaducts had severe weight restrictions.
  • It is bounded to the north by the Tyne Valley and to the south by the Stainmore Gap.
  • It dominates the skyline on almost the entire length of the A66 trunk road between Penrith and Stainmore.
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