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  • The Stainland Cross remains as evidence of man's activity there in the medieval times.
  • Similar scenes may have occurred around Stainland's well.
  • It is based around Stainland Road and Station Road, and built on an east-facing hill.
  • The architecture of Stainland, using local materials, represents all phases of the village's history.
  • Stainland is essentially linear: all the principal buildings face the main road which forms a central spine.
  • The golf course spreads along the side of the hill below Stainland.
  • Holywell Green is the name given to the east side of Stainland.
  • The main road through the village is Stainland Road, the B6112.
  • Holywell Green, at the eastern side of Stainland, is often wrongly referred to as the main settlement.
  • Most of the river, at this point, forms a parish border between the parishes of Greetland and Stainland.
  • Stainland Works is partly built on the site where Stainland and Holywell Green railway station used to be.
  • Roberts lives in the village of Stainland, Calderdale, with his wife Jane, a primary school teacher.
  • With the industrial revolution, mills developed in the neighbouring valleys to take advantage of water power; however Stainland continued to act as a focus for the area.
  • Early routes and tracks followed high ground to avoid the marshy and wooded valley bottoms and it was on one such high level packhorse route that Stainland developed.
  • They are located on Stainland Road roughly 500 meters east of the Post Office and are a Grade II listed building.
  • Holywell Green was recorded in the Domesday book as being "a small hamlet within the township of Stainland."
  • Six passenger trains a day were provided between Stainland and Halifax when it opened in 1875 and these were converted to railmotor operation in 1907.
  • The club was formed in 1947 as Stainland Athletic and changed its name to Stainland United in 1980.
  • Stainland is a conservation area, which was designated on 30 November 1982.
  • It flows downwards through Stainland Dean, and then between Greetland and Stainland.
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