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  • Stainer's work has in recent times been performed in an orchestrated version.
  • A list of Stainer's more prominent works is provided below.
  • Stainer was interested in the history of music and traditional folk songs.
  • Stainer points out the lack of many artifacts during this period.
  • The form is somewhat like Stainer's, but higher and heavier in construction. Cited from The Violin, by George Hart
  • Probably his most notable student was Sir John Stainer.
  • Stainer Street has now been closed permanently as part of the London Bridge station redevelopment.
  • In the following month he handed over his post at St Paul's to his former pupil Stainer.
  • John Stainer gave a speech at the dinner on the occasion of his receiving the degree of Doctor of Music.
  • He was much interested in the history of music and acted as Stainer's mentor.
  • When I had done so he wished to know whether the fiddle-maker Stainer were a real man or no. Cited from Lippincott's Magazine, Vol. XII, No. 28. July, 1873, by Various
  • Now in the case of Stainer we have nothing to guide us but his variations of style, and dates of time and place. Cited from The Violin, by George Hart
  • Stainer was not always so reverential about his teacher.
  • There is a modern edition published by Stainer and Bell and a modern facsimile.
  • Stainer's music productions have been playlisted by clubs and radio DJ's around the world.
  • Stainer & Bell Limited is a British publisher of classical sheet music and books, based in London.
  • Having early shown a taste for art, he was apprenticed as a glass -stainer to the well-known firm of Messrs.
  • His best-known pupil at St Paul's was John Stainer, who succeeded him as organist there.
  • Both Olly Wood and Greg Stainer have an extensive history of their own.
  • The following year Sullivan resigned, and was replaced by John Stainer.
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  • noun A worker who stains (wood or fabric)