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  • So thus did both these nobles dye, Whose courage none could staine! Cited from Lyra Heroica, by Various
  • I: you haue some staine of souldier in you: Let mee aske you a question. Cited from The Complete Shakespeare's First Folio
  • Cut me to peeces Volces men and Lads, Staine all your edges on me. Cited from Coriolanus, by William Shakespeare
  • O be it farre that I should staine my Table And Gods of Hospitalitie with blood. Cited from Old English Plays, Vol. I, by Various
  • We see Aloys Staine through her own eyes, and also through those of her Spanish husband and an Englishman who constitutes himself her sponsor when she visits this country.
  • Heere's such adoe, to make no staine, a staine, As passes colouring. Cited from The Complete Shakespeare's First Folio
  • In October 2013, a new executive was elected with Hugh "Pinas" Staine as new president.
  • Historically part of the West Riding of Yorkshire, the name is believed to derive from staine, meaning stone and cliffe, cliff.
  • Among the founding members was Albert Staine, at that point Director of Public Prosecutions, who would later become Chief Justice of Belize.
  • The Sir Albert Staine Building of the Supreme Court of Belize, which houses its law library, was named for him in 1992.
  • So thus did both these nobles dye, Whose courage none could staine; An English archer then perceiv'd The noble erle was slaine. Cited from Book of Old English Ballads,George Wharton Edwards
  • So, bitter thoughts molest, uncleane thoughts staine And spot the Heart; while those idle and vaine Weare it, and to no purpose. Cited from St. George and St. Michael V2, G. MacDonald
  • Than staine that milk-white mayden virgin rose, Which shee had kept unspotted till that time, And not corrupted with this earthly slime. Cited from The Affectionate Shepherd, by Richard Barnfield
  • For what should moue such great men, following the despightful lyes, and fables of mariners, to defame and staine our nation with so horrible and so shamefull a reproch? Cited from Principal Navigations, by Richard Hakluyt
  • Staine, Dreg, the Surgeon, and the Butcher torture Spade within an inch of his life after he refuses to surrender the time machine before its completion.
  • Then wil I staine my milkwhite vaile with weeping, And as thine handmaide dye in sorrowes keeping. Cited from Principal Navigations, V7, by Richard Hakluyt
  • Then Heav'n and Earth renewd shall be made pure To sanctitie that shall receive no staine: Till then the Curse pronounc't on both precedes. Cited from Paradise Lost, John Milton
  • He rose to Chief Justice of Belize in 1974 until his replacement in 1977 by Albert Staine, who became the first native of Belize to hold that position.
  • K. Staine to thy Countrymen, thou hear'st thy doom: Be packing therefore, thou that was't a knight: Henceforth we banish thee on paine of death. Cited from Henry VI Part 1, by William Shakespeare
  • And heere I draw a Sword, Whose worthy temper I intend to staine With the best blood that I can meete withall, In the aduenture of this perillous day. Cited from Henry IV Part 1, by William Shakespeare
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