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  • Info Staincross is a village in the Metropolitan Borough of Barnsley (part of South Yorkshire, England), on the border with West Yorkshire. more...
  • The original meeting place of the wapentake is believed to have been in or near Staincross.
  • Staincross lies off the A61 road, about three miles north west of Barnsley.
  • He lives in the South Yorkshire village of Staincross.
  • The branch line junction was about 200 feet from Staincross that connected it to the colliery via a private line.
  • Staincross and Mapplewell consisted of two flanking platforms with access from the road bridge.
  • Rimmington was born in Staincross and began work in the local pit whilst playing amateur football with Mapplewell Town.
  • The town was the centre of the Staincross wapentake, but in the mid-16th century had only 600 inhabitants.
  • As in Staincross, nail making was an important industry in Mapplewell in the 17th Century.
  • Staincross and Mapplewell railway station was one of three stations built on the Barnsley Coal Railway and opened when that line was completed in 1882.
  • Before the ballot, Staincross mail bore the name of a neighbouring village, either Mapplewell or Darton.
  • Mapplewell began life as a hamlet, as it grew in size it began to merge with neighbouring hamlet, Staincross and ever since the histories of the villages have been linked together.
  • The station was situated adjacent to the main Wakefield road (A61), slightly to the east of Staincross, on the edge of the present day Athersley estate.
  • Staincross was a wapentake of the West Riding of Yorkshire.
  • It is referred to as Staincross for Mapplewell in the July 1922 issue of Bradshaw's Railway Guide.
  • Penistone was a parish in the wapentake of Staincross in the West Riding of Yorkshire and after 1837 was a member of the Wortley Poor law union.
  • The section of the A61 between Staincross and Newmillerdam is rated in the top three most dangerous roads in Britain according to a survey conducted by The AA Motoring Trust.
  • The name is believed to be derived from a Saxon stone cross ('stane cross') that until the 18th Century occupied a position on the junction of Staincross Common - which in itself is an ancient trackway - and Greenside.
  • The line included passenger stations at Staincross and Mapplewell, Notton and Royston and Ryhill, later renamed Ryhill and Wintersett.
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