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  • In order to solve this problem a meeting was held at Stainback School House.
  • During the American Civil War Stainback served as a chaplain in the Confederate army.
  • As was the desire of the founding director Charles Stainback, the Tang is committed to being an educational center above all else.
  • Holbrook and Stainback served as the anchor team for the remainder of the national INN broadcast's existence.
  • A member of the Democratic Party of Hawaii, Long was appointed to the office after the term of Ingram Stainback.
  • Stainback believed Communists were plotting to take over the Hawaiian Islands.
  • He was preceded in death by his parents, all three brothers, and a son-in-law, Raiford Hammond Stainback, Jr.
  • Poirier and Stainback receives much of the screen time as the filmmakers explores their troubled respective backgrounds and reasons for fighting.
  • Upon resigning his post on May 8, 1951, Stainback had served eight years, eight months and six days, the longest of any appointed governor up to that point.
  • Stainback died in 1992 after suffering a stroke in Camarillo, California, at age 81.
  • The facility was designed by Thompson, Ventulett, Stainback & Associates and features more than of exhibition space, a ballroom and of flexible meeting space.
  • The Stainback Store, across from the church, was built about 1888, and is a simple two-story gable front frame structure built from materials of the original church building and session house from about 1792.
  • During the general's eulogy, Stainback declared: Lieutenant-General Nathan Bedford Forrest, though dead, yet speaketh.
  • Stainback argued for Commonwealth status similar to Puerto Rico instead of statehood, arguing that Hawaii would benefit from the federal tax exemption.
  • After his term expired, Poindexter remained in office until August 24, 1942, when his successor, Ingram Stainback, was confirmed.
  • Their design represents the movement of candlelight and according to Thompson, Ventulett, Stainback & Associates, this is supposed to symbolise hope, harmony, growth and opportunity.
  • The development was designed by locally based Thompson, Ventulett, Stainback & Associates and was engineered by locally based Thompson Company, Inc.
  • A damaging letter written by Wilson criticizing non-Hawaii-born Democrats alluding to Stainback was considered the major factor in his loss to Republican Neal Blaisdell.
  • In March 1951, invitations were sent out for the conference, which was to be held in the first week of June, from the office of Hawaii's territorial governor, Ingram Stainback.
  • However, Stainback was essentially powerless for the first two years of his term since Gov. Joseph B. Poindexter had allowed the military to take over the government on December 7, 1941.
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