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  • He comes in and tells her he is going out on his stag night.
  • He staged many successful productions but seems to have lived beyond his means.
  • It has since been staged in many cities around the world.
  • This gave them hope that a successful revolution might be staged in Italy.
  • The show was initially staged live in New York and presented every other week.
  • A rock opera may or may not be presented in a staged performance.
  • It is that a white stag could sometimes be seen at the well.
  • They rode away after a mysterious white stag that appeared seven months ago.
  • At length I reached a point where I could see the stags lying down. Cited from Tales of Lonely Trails, by Zane Grey
  • Although in their next game, they won against the Stags giving them their first loss of the season.
  • He has the head of a stag but is otherwise human, and is still in his natural body.
  • "I suppose you have got the stag's head by now?" she asked. Cited from Prince Fortunatus, by William Black
  • Only a few stags, and no female are known to science.
  • The STAG teacher was responsible for the overall progress of his/her students.
  • Among the reasons the concert was staged was to provide an opportunity to record the entire score.
  • Many other countries had plans to do so or were in the process of a staged conversion.
  • Thus the STAG teacher collected data from the subject teachers on these particular students.
  • If all the hunters work together, they can kill the stag and all eat.
  • The music becomes more and more agitated until the largest stag calls out.
  • There was no question about who was in charge in White Stag.
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Meaning of stag

  • noun Adult male deer
  • verb Attend a dance or a party without a female companion