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  • Stack served as the show's host during its entire original series run.
  • There is no specific rule about how many stacks should be in front of each player.
  • The ships had two to three levels stacked up on top of each other.
  • The building houses a unique collection of records in almost completely open stacks.
  • On all types except p, returning will leave this value on the stack.
  • With the help of stacks, we remember the point where we have reached.
  • The program must keep track of the size, or the length of the stack.
  • The academy library consists of the lower reading room and three levels of stacks.
  • The stacking of the machines thus allows more production while using less space.
  • Once a player wins a certain number of stacks, they win the game.
  • These reference stacks may be open to selected members of the public.
  • A stack is controlled by a player if his color is on top.
  • They started sport stacking and got better and better every day.
  • When the plant was first built, there were four relatively short stacks, one for each unit.
  • Each one is made up of two big cylindrical stone structure stacked together.
  • We have found a basis on which we can access without being put on a stack and set to fire.
  • It can then pass their data up the stack for further processing.
  • Today the practice in Australia is often known as a type of branch stacking.
  • The woman in white and the stacks of books are shown again.
  • Stacking thrown objects is often required to get to the end of most levels.
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Meaning of stack

  • noun An orderly pile
  • verb Load or cover with stacks
    stack a truck with boxes
  • verb Arrange in stacks
    heap firewood around the fireplace, stack your books up on the shelves
  • verb Arrange the order of so as to increase one's winning chances
    stack the deck of cards