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  • However, members were replaced and the band formed its most stable line-up.
  • The band went through numerous line-up changes before a somewhat stable line-up emerged.
  • Early versions had problems and did not become stable for some time.
  • During the early era of the band, his goal was to produce a stable line-up.
  • The solo project month by month was turning into a real band with stable line-up.
  • It may be stable at lower energy states once formed.
  • For those who considered them already as their own had stabled them carefully. Cited from Four Arthurian Romances, by Chretien DeTroyes
  • The original property included stables and horse training facilities and was over in size.
  • Other parts of the buildings were used as a coach house and stables.
  • This tree is directly released as a new stable version.
  • As such, they provided the most stable line-up of Love in the band's history.
  • The system was very stable and accurate and became the accepted around the world.
  • The result is non-stable traffic that may be very slow.
  • Stables for horses and cars were located in various parts of the area.
  • Later, the south section of the palace was further extended to form the court stables.
  • According to popular tradition, the birth took place in a stable, surrounded by farm animals.
  • The center channel provides image stabling effects and is considered the most important channel for film production.
  • They usually come from extended wrestling families who form their own stables.
  • In its classical meaning, a republic was any stable well-governed political community.
  • Eventually, the album became a fresh start for the band, characterized by stable line-up.
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Meaning of stable

  • noun A farm building for housing horses or other livestock
  • verb Shelter in a stable
    stable horses
  • adjective Resistant to change of position or condition
    a stable ladder, a stable peace, a stable relationship, stable prices