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  • Many of these families returned when the political situation stabilized a few years later.
  • But the mountain troops struck back and soon the front lines were stabilized.
  • She is also credited with having a stabilizing effect on his private life.
  • They then also played an important part in stabilizing the country.
  • After being stabilized, she is admitted to the hospital for a few days against her will.
  • Lee was given the task of stabilizing the island as his first independent command.
  • It is reported that it will take about ten years for the metal to completely stabilize.
  • Despite his form stabilizing toward the end of the competition, he played just one further match in the competition.
  • But non of these films helped him to stabilize his status as a hero.
  • This number slowly fell over the following years as members left, eventually stabilizing and rising again with time.
  • The additional weight may have stabilized the animal at the water's surface.
  • They are without the stabilizing influence of older people and established institutions. Cited from Moral Delinquency in Children, by Oswald Chettle Mazengarb et al.
  • Some improvements may be seen over the course of the first several months after the condition stabilizes.
  • It is shown that the personality stabilizes for working-age individuals within about four years after starting working.
  • The league has stabilized and begun to grow further in recent years.
  • For this reason this operating point does not have a stabilizing effect on the speed.
  • After treatment, her symptoms stabilized and she has announced that she would like to get back to her career.
  • In such cases the emergency department can only stabilize the patient for transport.
  • However, some plant management strategies can help to stabilize and improve plant performance.
  • Although it suffered early on from high inflation, its value has now stabilized.
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Meaning of stabilize

  • verb Make stable and keep from fluctuating or put into an equilibrium
    The drug stabilized her blood pressure, stabilize prices
  • verb Become stable or more stable
    The economy stabilized