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  • His body was found dead near the hotel window, stabbed through the heart.
  • Taking what appears to be the only course of action, she stabs herself.
  • I knew I wanted to take a stab at making a studio record.
  • The two killed each other by stabbing the other through the heart.
  • This led to two people being stabbed and another two wounded by rocks.
  • Sydney was eventually able to escape after stabbing him with his own equipment.
  • She stated that she took control of the weapon and stabbed him instead.
  • An eight-year-old girl was stabbed but she and her younger sister survived.
  • She was found dead in a river shortly after the marriage; she had been stabbed.
  • He later set up a fire in the city and stab the king with his sword.
  • One of them stabs her and they leave her for dead.
  • She kills the woman by stabbing her - the same way her mother killed her father.
  • This move was considered as a huge back stab from the former captain.
  • She stabs the person in the back several times with a long pick.
  • This change in style was a stab to try to get a hit.
  • When she returns home, she stabs her own children to death.
  • What matters is knowing how to make friends and when to stab them in the back.
  • She had been stabbed twelve times in the upper shoulder and back.
  • With him he carried a knife which he used to stab one of the second years.
  • She stabs a knife in her body and falls down into the water.
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Meaning of stab

  • noun A strong blow with a knife or other sharp pointed instrument
    one strong stab to the heart killed him
  • verb Stab or pierce
    he jabbed the piece of meat with his pocket knife