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  • Following her success here she became a member of the senior squad.
  • The final shot is the squad room sign over the door.
  • Food is distributed by one person per squad, which consists of about ten people.
  • Units that were separated from the command squad were more limited in action.
  • The following players have also been called up to the England squad within the last twelve months.
  • The Squad provides around-the-clock service at no cost to its patients.
  • They have introduced many new young players to the squads currently playing for the club.
  • A player can only be on a practice squad for a maximum of three seasons.
  • He did not go through the normal system of city or province squads.
  • All three men are then shot and killed by the firing squad.
  • Butler worked long hours and expected all members of the squad to do the same.
  • Such rescue squads may provide either basic life support or advanced life support.
  • Most squads practice at least three days a week for about two hours each practice during the summer.
  • These teams were never promoted to the top flight due to their senior squad's presence there.
  • Later they were each squad's top performing and senior officers.
  • He has since been named in other England squads but has yet to make his full debut.
  • He then went on to tour Australia in the One Day squad.
  • She again tries to continue her religious education with the Squad's priest.
  • In order to provide technical rescue services, the department converted two engine companies into squad companies.
  • Playing in squads has also become a major element of games in the series.
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Meaning of squad

  • noun A smallest army unit