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  • I have no doubt that his life is now and will continue to be spotless. Cited from Nightfall, by Anthony Pryde [AKA: Agnes Russell Weekes]
  • Washington yet lives on earth in his spotless example -- his spirit is in heaven. Cited from The Life of George Washington, Vol. 5 (of 5), by John Marshall
  • His reputation before the war was not what one would call spotless. Cited from With Those Who Wait, by Frances Wilson Huard
  • She said that once everything was spotless, she felt much better.
  • Washington yet lives on earth in his spotless example; his spirit is in Heaven. Cited from Messages and Papers of the Presidents: John Adams, by Richardson
  • The little, green-painted house was in spotless order to leave behind. Cited from Four Girls and a Compact,by Annie Hamilton Donnell
  • Everything looked so fresh and spotless, it was a pleasure to see it. Cited from Hunter's Marjory, by Margaret Bruce Clarke
  • We do not offer spotless sacrifice if we take the lives of others in offering our own. Cited from Freedom's Battle, by Mahatma Gandhi
  • The impression had taken hold of her spotless mind, and could not be removed. Cited from Frank Mildmay, by Captain Frederick Marryat
  • She has a woman's age, fortune more than you wish, and a spotless fame. Cited from Arthur Mervyn, by Charles Brockden Brown
  • Upon release Spotless Mind was met with generally positive reviews from music critics.
  • Accept him that shall serve thee all his youth, Accept him that shall love with spotless truth. Cited from The Works of Christopher Marlowe, Vol. 3 (of 3), by Christopher Marlowe
  • You have only to look into her face to discern how pure and spotless she has kept her soul. Cited from The Miller Of Old Church, by Ellen Glasgow
  • For spotless once my frame did come, and spotless again it will go! Cited from Hung Lou Meng, Book II, by Cao Xueqin
  • A hundred similar sweet things catch the eye as one turns over the spotless leaves of this snow-white book. Cited from A Tour in France and Germany, Vol. 3, by Thomas Frognall Dibdin
  • And there are heights of life where still all spotless lies the snow. Cited from A Wreath of Virginia Bay Leaves, James Barron Hope
  • Mine be the task in life to claim In war a bright and spotless name. Cited from Persian Literature, V1, The Shah Nameh, Rubaiyat, Divan, Gulistan
  • She, who had been so proud of her fair fame, of her spotless name, her high reputation. Cited from Marion Arleigh's Penance, by Charlotte M. Braeme
  • Thus she succeeded not only in holding herself spotless but in being praised for her retiring nature. Cited from Indian Lily and Other Stories,by Hermann Sudermann
  • His spotless dress will prepossess you if you do not understand it. Cited from Behind the Bungalow, by EHA
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