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  • He continued to make sporadic acting appearances until a few years before his death.
  • Sporadic-E events may last for just a few minutes to several hours.
  • However, she continued making sporadic appearances in television shows while her children were at school.
  • The two of them have since made only sporadic appearances as security men.
  • The team has seen district-wide and sporadic state-wide success since the mid-1990s.
  • These groups also played a role in the discovery of the first modern sporadic group.
  • Sporadic-E events can last for hours or can last for minutes.
  • Since then he has worked in computer game design and his work in comics has been sporadic.
  • Many of these special properties are related to certain sporadic simple groups.
  • While most cases are sporadic, there are clearly families who present with multiple involved members.
  • There are similar examples associated to some of the other sporadic simple groups.
  • Lee played only sporadic minutes for the remaining games of the season.
  • He does still make sporadic public appearances as a singer though.
  • He has been doing sporadic live shows of this material in Europe and the US.
  • In recent years, seeing the band live has been difficult as concerts have become sporadic.
  • Baseball is seen more often in earlier seasons, with only sporadic appearances in later episodes.
  • He would continue to run sporadic events over the years but never again contended.
  • After sporadic appearances in the first season, she was promoted to a series regular in the second.
  • They continued to tour and began sporadic work on a new record, a process that would ultimately take six years.
  • The stadium saw sporadic use as a music venue during its final years of existence.
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Meaning of sporadic

  • adjective Recurring in scattered and irregular or unpredictable instances
    a city subjected to sporadic bombing raids